Self-portrait// The Black Cat

Self-portrait// The Black Cat

Bassam Allam is a 29 year old creative photographer and art director specialized in fashion, fine art and portrait photography, working and living in Munich with roots in Egypt.

He is known for his iconic, cinematic style, which uses a surreal approach to reflect and emphasis the raw character and emotions of his subjects, while unveiling a mind enriching mystery world in our normal day surroundings, sparking his viewer's imagination.

Bassam started his journey through photography in Cairo, where he taught himself photography, and learned to overcome the challenging circumstances in Egypt. This experience equipped him with the skills to be very independent of his surroundings and creative with whatever resources are available to him.
In 2011,  a few months after the Egyptian revolution, he moved to Munich, Germany to start his master studies in Sustainable Architecture at the Technical University In Munich, which he successfully completed.

Bassam Allam's Mystery theater is his on going project through which he directs his surreal vision of our world. The project is shot between Germany and Egypt. In this project, He unveils mysteries in our simple surroundings and everyday imagery, by infusing mundane objects, body forms and often himself in unusual contexts and juxtapositions. The mystery theater aims to challenge the human perception of reality.  



Vogue Arabia (Middle East) (Italy)
Contributor Magazine
Kaltblut Magazine (DE) (USA) (USA)
Photo + (South Korea) 
Dark Beauty Magazine (USA)
Super Paper (GER)
Daily News (EGY) 


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